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Miss Kitty and Lisa Calendar 2007

Miss Kitty and Lisa Calendar 2007

In the summer I told my friend Kev, a fellow photographer, about a location I used to go to as a kid in Calendar. It was an enclosed waterfall with a lovely pool and cliff you could jump from in the hills.

We got hold of a couple of models, Lisa and Miss Kitty and drove up there for the day taking turns to shoot. I done mostly nude work with Miss Kitty and we played in the trees and by the water. She didn’t enjoy being in the water too much though but Lisa looked after her :)

Lisa and I tried some swimwear and fashion around the rocks and the day ended with us all exhausted, soaked and sunburnt.

At the end of our shoot Miss Kitty was soaking wet and started to get dressed. She turned and her eyes… Her hair… Her freckles were so perfect! I shouted at her to freeze and she pulled this sweet, innocent look. Possibly to do with my balancing, knee deep in water haha!

What an excellent day!

Models + MUAs: Miss Kitty + Lisa – 2007 © David Kane

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