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Beginner Photography Class Starts Jan 2013


**Weather watch for Jan 26th/27th classes! **


  • Please keep an eye on this page and ideally check it the morning of your class in case there is severe weather and it becomes an issue.
  • As long as you contact me and book a class before March 16th, you may attend any after that date.
  • Book by emailing me here, on my Contact Me page. You can also text me or leave me a voicemail with your Groupon details and chosen class date/time. I need your Name, Groupon number and Security Code to get you booked in.
  • People who are booking for children or under 16 year old please make sure to get a permission form from me for them to attend. The class is child friendly.
  • Please note that the first few days after the deal goes live is a bit frantic and I will reply/get back to everyone.
  • The evening classes, 2pm – 6pm will have less light available when outside. I recommend these classes for people doing low light photography and ones with a flash.


Firstly, let the comments from my last session speak for themselves…

– Hey David,

Again just wanted to say thanks a lot for the other day. got such a better understanding of my camera and as a result, my pictures look sooooo much better. No-one believed that it was me who took the photo’s of Jen ahaah! Make no mistake that when you decide to do more courses i’ll be encouraging my friends to give it a go :)

best of luck.

– Hi, David, Many thanks for all your hard work today (25th March). I have done this kind of teaching myself, and I know how hard you need to work. Great session in which I learned a lot and intend to learn a lot more as I put everything into practice. I will take you up on your offer to edit one of my pix and I hope I need to learn something else and ask your advice. Best wishes

– Thank you for a very good afternoon. Mum and I enjoyed it so much and learnt so much!!!

– David,  Really enjoyed yesterday – very inspiring.  It was my first time working with a model – Katie was lovely, and extremely patient.  My only regret is not having more time – I had a few ideas that I would have liked to try – but of course, these came to me on the train on the way home!  (Sticking our her tongue was a start.. :o)  So, I need to make sure I take advantage of any future opportunities to shoot with a model.  Although I was fairly familiar with my camera, and the settings etc, I did learn a lot from your course, and enjoyed the way you delivered it.  I would (and will) recommend you to anyone wanting to get stuck into photography. Thanks very much.



For the next 2 and a bit days my new Beginner Photography Class is being featured on Groupon. Purchase now to receive a MASSIVE! 81% discount on the classes saving you £121! You ALSO get 50% off any future classes or workshops booked. The deal is valid until March 16th 2013 so this would make an excellent Christmas present to anyone interested in photography.

So, what do you do on the class? Here is a rough breakdown: –

  • The classes are aimed at beginners but people with some experience will enjoy it as well and may actually come away with some tips and tricks. A day full of fun and variety, based in Glasgow City Centre.
  • Meeting in a comfortable studio area ,with tea and coffee available, we begin with some basic information on what camera settings do, with an aim to teaching you to how to shoot your camera on full manual mode and not having to rely on Auto settings. If you come with a Compact camera the information will still be mostly relevant. However, a ‘Bridge’, Digital SLR or a Film SLR camera would be more suitable for the class and you will learn more. What is the difference between a Bridge and Compact camera? A Bridge camera has a settings wheel and a hotshoe generally, click the words to see a picture.
  • Then we discuss the real issues of practical photography, what you don’t get taught in the classrooms or University’s. Tips and tricks on how to use your photos now you have them, how to make money and how to network. Also advice on what to look for when buying camera equipment.
  • Studio’s can be very intimidating to new photographers as they sound very professional. This could not be further from the truth so I wanted to do a quick introduction to studio photography. I will show you what sort of equipment is available to use and how to use them with the settings on your camera. The model will then pose for a few quick photos and I will show everyone a few basic lighting set ups. This will demonstrate how the positioning of the light, model and the power settings can dramatically change the outcome of the photo.
  • The last portion of the class is then a group shoot (just under an hour and a half), outdoor with a professional, agency standard, model. Located at the Squiggly Bridge in Glasgow is the ideal setting for this groupshoot. The group can try out angles, camera settings and experience what it is like to interact with an actual professional model. I will be on hand shouting out things to try and telling you why we are doing what we are doing. You can also grab me and ask for help or advice and I will try to help.
  • You get given a set of notes to help you follow the information as well as being able to take them away so you have a handy reference page for  learning.
  • Then as a little bonus you can email me in your favourite photo from the groupshoot. I will edit it professionally, giving you bullet points of what I have done to it. Then email you it back for you to obtain a print or use it in your portfolio as you wish.




  • The venue is my studio on Broomielaw, G1 4QN, Glasgow. It is actually really easy to find! It is across the road from the Gala Riverboat Casino, underneath the railway bridge. If you come from Glasgow central and walk down either Jamaica or Oswald Street and turn the corner at the Broomielaw towards the bridge, you can’t miss it under the bridge. There are 3 doors, a Brazilian Gym, a Car Park Archway and a big white double door that looks like an emergency exit. My door is the white one, just give it a bang if I am not hanging about outside! If you google map ’20 broomielaw glasgow’ it shows you almost exactly the right spot.
  • The venue is NOT in St Andrews Square or at La Cheetah. This is my home address and last years venue, not the studio for the class. Groupon are changing the map on the deal currently but be careful not to confuse the venues.
  • The classes start sharp on the time stated. If you come early, please feel free to go an grab a tea/coffee and mingle. If you arrive late, I will do my best to quickly fill in what you have missed when I get a chance but the most important stuff is first so please try to be on time.















What do you need to bring?


  • A camera obviously, fully charged and with space on your memory cards. Cameras, memory cards and batteries are not provided but feel free to bring a charger to plug in if you need it.
  • A warm coat as we will be outside and it is very cold on the Clyde.
  • Tripods, Flash Guns and extra camera lenses are up to you. You don’t NEED them but this is an excellent time to try them out. I recommend the late afternoon classes bring a tripod if possible as the sun will be going down and you can get some nice shots with the bridge lit up.


Dates and Times


January 2013


  • Sat 19th – 9am till 1pm : Completed
  • Sat 19th – 2pm till 6pm : Completed
  • Sun 20th – 11am till 3pm : Completed
  • Sat 26th – 9am till 1pm : Completed
  • Sat 26th – 2pm till 6pm : Cancelled
  • Sun 27th – 11am till 3pm : Completed


 February 2013


  • Sun 17th – 11am till 3pm : Completed
  • Sat 23rd – 9am till 1pm : Cancelled
  • Sat 23rd – 2pm till 6pm : Cancelled
  • Sun 24th – 11am till 3pm : Completed


March 2013


  • Sat 9th – 11am till 3pm : Completed
  • Sun 10th – 11am till 3pm : Completed
  • Mon 11th – 12.30pm till 4.30pm : Completed
  • Sun 24th – 11am till 3pm : Completed
  • Friday 29th – 12.30pm till 4.30pm : Completed


April 2013


  • Sat 6th – 11am till 3pm : Completed
  • Sat 27th – 11am till 3pm : 2 Places Left!
  • Sun 28th – 11am till 3pm : Fully Booked!


June 2013


There will be 1 class in June to allow for any missed classes or cancellations. Please note that you must book, ie give me your Groupon Security Code, BEFORE the expiry date. However, you are then able to attend any class there-after.



Behind the Scenes Photography Class Workshop Fashion Model

Saturday, December 15th, 2012 at 12:16 PM : This image is copyrighted and unauthorized use is prohibited, no permission to manipulate this image will be given. If you wish to use the image commercially or in publishing, please contact David Kane.

36 Responses to “Beginner Photography Class Starts Jan 2013”

  1. keith m says:

    Hi david , can you confirm that if I purchase the groupon it doesnt have to be used by march 16th , it just has to be booked by then ? How far out in the year will you run the classes for this offer ? Thanks !!

  2. David says:

    Hi Keith,

    You must redeem the voucher by March 16th but can attend any class after then. The class dates depend on how popular they are with this Groupon deal running classes up to March. I will then run a few additional classes during June/July 2013. However, beyond that nothing is set in stone as yet. I hope that helps?


  3. Dona Mc Carte says:

    Hi I missed the Groupon deal for my daughters Christmas ! She’s 15 and mad keen on her art and photography ans is getting a new camera and lense for Xmas and ideally I would like to add this on as a further gift . Can I still get it ? Please ! I know that she would be keen to do further classes too .
    Hope to hear from you

  4. David says:

    Hi Dona,

    Yes she can! I will email you now with info :)


  5. Kim F says:

    I have just bought the current Groupon voucher and am looking to book the class on Sunday 24th Feb. I am really looking forward to it!

  6. Lesley K says:

    I think I have over committed myself for February and March and may struggle to get a date which suits, as you seem to offer the course the last 2 weekends in the month. Is the voucher transferrable to a friend?

  7. David says:

    Hi Lesley,

    I am going to be putting up the MArch/April dates tonight at some point (Friday 8th Feb). As long as you BOOK, ie… Get the Groupon Security Code to me before the expiry date. You are welcome on any date before or after. Also, yes you can give your voucher to someone else if you prefer, the same applies.



  8. George Knight says:

    Hi David
    ‘re our recent emails can I please book a place on the Sunday 24th March course on the groupon details previously registered with you

    Look forward to seeing you then

    Best Regards


  9. David says:

    Hi George, that is you on the March 24th class. Please just check back the night before in case of any updates.



  10. Hi David,
    I would like to book on a place for 24th March.
    I have groupon details when you confirm.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Catherine Dunbar

  11. David says:

    Hi Catherine,

    I have replied to your email, thanks


  12. Michelle Borland says:

    Hiya David,
    It’s Michelle, again:0), sorry I was just looking at the calendar not the dates underneath. Sooo! I would like to book into Monday 11 th March class. That great thanks again! :0).

  13. David says:

    Hiya Michelle,

    That is you booked into March 11th, please check back the night before for any updates!


  14. Dona Mc Carte says:

    Hi can I book Rhona in for Sunday 24 th March class as I see that you still have spaces ?
    Look forward to confirmation

  15. David says:

    Hiya Dona,

    That is her booked in, I look forward to meeting her!


  16. Michelle Borland says:

    Hi David,
    Michelle Borland here, I sent an email last week to see if Monday the 11 th march was okay, but have had no conformation yet. I’m checking because I see that that space is almost full up and I do t want to miss out also if it is a definite then I will have to re-arrange another appointment I have, please could you confirm ASAP, thanx.

  17. Michelle Borland says:

    Sorry David
    I see your reply, thank you
    Michelle B

  18. Ik Hussain says:

    Friday 29th – 12.30pm till 4.30pm : Places Available

    Hi can I please book a place on the above date, thanks

  19. David says:

    Hiya Ik,

    That is you all booked up. Please check back here the night before for any updates.

    Thanks, David

  20. Michelle Borland says:

    Hi David
    Just checking that everything is still going ahead for tomorrow, Mon 11 th March @ 12.30-4.30 at the broomilaw address. Thanks Michelle Borland :0)

  21. David says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Yes the class is on at the Broomielaw address as planned. The only thing that will stop it is, if the transport grinds to a halt… This isn’t London though so we shold be fine :)


  22. Ian says:


    Thank you so much for your help and assistance during the course yesterday (11/3/13) I feel much better about using my Nikon Digital SLR camera now and the photographs that I took of Jen look great, much better than I have ever taken before. She was a great model.

    I would appreciate a copy of your notes when you have the time to email them to me…. the sooner the better as I am keen to get going!

    I would also appreciate your assistance with moving the focus area to the centre as its still on the right. I have looked through the programme’s but cannot find how to do it.

    As I said to you yesterday, although I enjoyed my course with another Glasgow Photographer last year, I found yours far better and would be keen to come back to go a bit further the next time. I would certainly recommend your course to anybody who wants more out of their camera.

    Thanks again


  23. Michelle Borland says:

    Hi David
    Just to say thanx again for all the help, it was great to find out what my camera does on manual instead of auto. Could you please send the notes as what you told us is beginning to disappear from my memory, I can’t always remember everything as I have M.E. and forget some things. Say thanx to the model I can’t remember her name but by the looks of Ian’s letter her name is Jen. She managed really well considering the weather. I will try at some point to send the photos she liked and a photo of mine that I like thanks again,

  24. Shannon McLeish says:

    Hi David
    I know it is passed March 16th, but I was hoping if there was any chance could let me come along for a class. I booked through Groupon and travelled to Glasgow, the class had been cancelled and I didn’t know, I didn’t think of checking here. I phoned you several times and left my phone number. I understand you are very busy and couldn’t get back to me. But I would really appreciate if you allowed me to come on a day and I could still bring my Groupon. Sorry I never thought previously of checking your site! But I came on it to see if you had any other way of contacted you and I found this. Please consider me, as I am very interested in learning about photography and I would absolutely love to come along!

  25. George Knight says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for a great day it may have been cold outside but a warm welcome inside and a very relaxed session. Jen has to be complimented on her professionalism in venturing out in the cold. Look forward to staying in touch

  26. David says:

    Hiya Shannon,

    Of course you can come along still! I have some places left on the last few in April. Can you make any of them and I will get you added in.


  27. Lynda Nairn says:

    Hi David.
    Can you let me know when in June your doing your class.
    I sent you my Groupon codes on 15th March
    I am on hols on the April dates and desparately want to book a class.
    Lynda M Nairn

  28. David says:

    Hiya Lynda,

    I will update the page ASAP however I will not know until near the 25th of May. Please check back around then for the date.


  29. Shannon McLeish says:

    Hi David!
    I almost cried with excitement reading your reply! Really appreciate it, thanks so much!!!!! Can I please come Saturday 27th? When I went up last time I actually couldn’t find your place, we had it in the sat nav and couldn’t actually find it. You said to my mum if she blinked we would miss it and we obviously did! Any chance of a help?
    Thanks so much again!!!!

  30. J Ratcliffe says:

    How far are you from queen street. Looking at train times and we get into qss at 10.49. Does that leave us time to get to you by taxi for 11am start time. We are booked in on the 6th April. Thanx

  31. David says:

    Hi there,

    The studio is about 10 mins walk from Queen street station. Or about £2-3 in a taxi. There are detailed instructions and maps at the top of this post as the venue doesn’t actually have a postcode or number… It is a nightmare to find. If you don’t know Glasgow, tell the taxi driver to go to the Gala Casino on the Clyde and then ring me. The studio is across the road and my number is on the website and your voucher.


  32. David says:

    Hiya Shannon,

    Yes… Don’t use Sat-Nav would be my advice! There’s detailed directions and maps on the top of this post that will take you right to the door. If you are struggling get to the Gala Casino or Glasgow Central and ring me (My number is here or on the voucher) and I can direct you.


  33. Shannon McLeish says:

    Hey David,
    OK that’s great thank you so much! I can’t wait!!!!!! See you Saturday!
    Shannon :D

  34. Neil Learmonth says:

    Was on the course in March and loved it. My camera has not been on auto since the class and have had some great results.
    The memory card I used has gone u/s and I cannot forward any pictures from the shoot, is it ok to send random pic for editing?
    Thanks again,

  35. David says:

    Hiya Neil,

    Good to hear! I am glad you are trying things out on Manual :) Yes, by all means send me through a random photo for editing!


  36. Shannon McLeish says:

    Hey David!
    Just want to say a great big thank you for letting me come along on Saturday! As I said I have been studying photography since last year so I knew the technical side…However, you its as if you have freshened up my memory, everyone teaches differently so I still learned a lot from you! Loved taking photos of Jen, she was lovely and very professional! As were you. So thanks again for the experience as I thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Take care and I’ll keep an eye on my emails for the other course!

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