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Beginner Photography Class – Dates, Times and Info


  • Please keep an eye on this page a day and ideally check it the morning of your class in case the venue changes or the weather is an issue.
  • This IS the class featured on Groupon. If booking via Groupon, I need your Groupon number and Security code when contacting me.
  • Please bring your camera along, fully charged and with a memory card. Ideally an DSLR/SLR but compacts and bridge cameras are of use too.
  • Groupon vouchers expire on March 11th. As long as you BOOK before then, you are able to attend any date.
  • Please bring a warm jacket as we are often in a cold venue and you will need it when we go outside for an hour.
  • Information sheets will be provided but you can bring a pen to scribble some notes if you like and also fill in my feedback form.


Hi everyone!

There are some important bits of info after the list of dates so please be sure to read down to the very bottom. People who are booking for children or under 16 year old please make sure to get a permission form for them to attend.

Layout of the class: –

  • We begin with 1 hours of instruction on how the camera works. What the settings do, where they are and how they effect your photographs.
  • There is then another 1 hour of tips on equipment and useful information about shooting in different situations. Finishing with some notes on sharing your photographs.
  • We then head outside (weather dependant) for an hour with one of our agency standard, professional models. This is to give you all a chance to fiddle about and try what we just learned.
  • We finish up indoors, taking some nice portraits of the model using professional studio lighting equipment.

So by the end of the course you should be fully capable of shooting on manual mode (being in control), have a good grasp on equipment and shooting techniques. As well as having tried working with some intimidating professional equipment and a model, to see how easy it actually is.


The venue for the classes sadly changes: –

  • It is currently. downstairs in the La Cheetah Club, 73 Queen Street, Glasgow, G1 3BZ. If you go in and head downstairs at the main entrance or you can go and ask at the bar and they will direct you.
  • The classes start sharp on the time stated. If you come early, please feel free to go an grab a coffee once you find the venue or if you are late, I will do my best to quickly fill in what you have missed when I get a chance.

Dates and Times

Classes are currently completed… More up soon!

Important Info

Class dates and times are subject to change due to numbers. Special events on in the venue or studio closures may also effect these dates and times as they are so far in advance. If this happens arrangements will be made to move them to a close by location in order not to disrupt anything. Please check this page the day of your class for confirmation.

Contact me by clicking here for email or giving me a ring on 07515463419 to discuss anything. Please note that my phone has pretty much rung non-stop since the deal went live. Please leave a message and I will reply ASAP. Texting/Emailing will be a quicker way to get in touch. Keep an eye on this page as I will be updating it regularly with information.

Thank you all.

David Kane

***Cancelled Weekday Classes***

I am very sorry to have to cancel all my upcoming, weekday classes. I have just secured a full time contract, working Mon-Fri, and cannot do any evening classes due to the length of hours I will be working during each day. Given the choice between a full time position and having to re-schedule 5 classes was an easy decision and while it is going to cause a little hassle for some of you, I hope you can understand my choice. Those booked on one of the cancelled classes can choose from any upcoming dates, I have added a good number into June as well as an additional weekend in Feb. Your original booking info is already with me, so it is just a case of picking a new date and letting me know you were on one of the cancelled dates. The class has been very successful and those attending have enjoyed themselves and also learned, I hope to see you on one of the new dates. Once again, I am very sorry for any inconvenience.

Thursday, September 15th, 2011 at 8:58 AM : This image is copyrighted and unauthorized use is prohibited, no permission to manipulate this image will be given. If you wish to use the image commercially or in publishing, please contact David Kane.

122 Responses to “Beginner Photography Class – Dates, Times and Info”

  1. David says:

    Hiya Hilary,

    Thanks so much! I have added you to the April 22nd class and look forward to seeing you there.



  2. I work weekends so the only weekend that I can manage is 12th May. Is this date still available? I have left a voicemail for you to get back to me?

  3. David says:

    Hiya Leigh,

    It is and I have added you to it. I need you to send me your Groupon number and Security code so I can confirm your place. Please just check back nearer the time to confirm the venue.



  4. irene mullen says:

    Hi Mr Kane
    myself and my friend were given a voucher each as a gift but unfortunately for us all your classes in which we,r able to attend are all full and our vouchers only dated till 11th march 12, have you any advice for us?
    thank you
    irene and fiona

  5. David says:

    Hi Irene,

    As long as you book before March 11th you can come any class thereafter. Gimme an email or text with the 2 Groupon numbers, 2 Security codes and the date you want and I will get you booked in.



  6. Kristen Burdett says:

    Thank you for a very good afternoon. Mum and I enjoyed it so much and learnt so much!!!

  7. David says:

    You are very welcome Kristen! Glad you had fun and hopefully learned as well =)


  8. Joe Munro says:

    Hello David,

    Just a quick mention to say how much I enjoyed the day. Good luck and every success for the future.

  9. David says:

    Thanks so much Joe! Glad you enjoyed yourself =)

  10. Claire McCallum says:

    My Groupon class booked for the Wednesday 7th March was cancelled; could I please reschedule both me and my friend Bethany David (who’s voucher details I also gave alongside mine) to come along on Sunday 3rd June?


  11. Gordon Stuart says:

    Hi David, can you confirm I am on the course for the 24th March.
    Code 84/9496
    S/Code 64BBE0FE3B
    Ref 827641

    Many thanks


  12. sharon says:

    hi david, just double checking, i am booked into saturdays class and was just confirming the venue.

    is it still in the cheetah club?


  13. David says:

    Hiya Claire,

    I have added you both to June 3rd and look forward to seeing you then. Please just check back nearer the time to confirm the venue.



  14. David says:

    Hiya Gordon,

    i can confirm that you are and I look forward to seeing you =)


  15. David says:

    Hiya Sharon,

    You are yes and it is, I am just about to update the blog with the full address. See you soon.


  16. Paul Gunnion says:

    Hi, David, Many thanks for all your hard work today (25th March). I have done this kind of teaching myself, and I know how hard you need to work. Great session in which I learned a lot and intend to learn a lot more as I put everything into practice. I will take you up on your offer to edit one of my pix and I hope I need to learn something else and ask your advice.
    Best wishes
    Paul Gunnion

  17. sharon says:

    hi david, just wanted to say thank you for yesterdays class, i had a great day and learned a lot!! also met some lovely people so thank you again! and thank you to jen, who has the patience of a saint lol :)

  18. Stewart Main says:

    hey David,

    Again just wanted to say thanks alot for the other day. got such a better understanding of my camera and as a result, my pictures look sooooo much better. No-one believed that it was me who took the photo’s of Jen ahaah!
    Make no mistake that when you decide to do more courses i’ll be encouraging my friends to give it a go :)

    best of luck,

  19. Tom Gallacher says:

    Hi David, I just realised I think I was booked for June 11th but for some reason (probably old age) I thought I was booked for later the 30th !. I apologise for any inconvenience this caused.
    I assume I have may now missed my chance for your course now or is there any alternative.

    apologies once again


  20. David says:

    Hiya Tom,

    Sadly, yes the classes ended in June. I may be running more around Sept time so please keep your eye on my website or Facebook for updates. Sorry you missed it!


  21. Paul Campbell says:

    Hi David, My son has a groupon four-hour photography workshop voucher. I woulod like to book him in for a weekend, where are the dates available? He is 14 years old and can only do weekends.

    Paul Campbell

  22. David says:

    Hi Paul,

    I think I replied to an email you sent? All the dates are here, on this page that you commented on.



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