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Beginner Fashion and Portraiture Class

Hi everyone!

I am pleased to announce that I am starting classes and workshops from the end of September 2011!

***Booking Info Update** You can now see the booking schedule by clicking here! Get in touch to secure your place.

Beginner Fashion and Portraiture Class

  • The first classes will be aimed at beginners and will be full of fun and variety, based in Glasgow City Centre, Queen Street.
  • Meeting in a comfortable lounge area we will begin with some general information on what camera settings do, with an aim to teaching you to how to shoot your D/SLR on manual mode. If you come with a compact camera the information will still be mostly relevant. However, a Digital SLR or a Film SLR would be more ideal.
  • Then we discuss the real issues of practical photography, what you don’t get taught in the classrooms or University’s. How to network and promote yourself online to show others your work. How to book studios, models and equipment. Finding locations and shooting idea’s with low budgets.
  • The first half of the class takes about 2 hours and drinks and some snacks will be available from the venue at the normal venue prices.
  • We then meet up with a top Scottish model and proceed with an outdoor fashion groupshoot. The group can try out angles, camera settings and experience what it is like to interact with an actual professional model.
  • Finally we head up to the local studio for hire. Studio’s can be very intimidating to new photographers as they sound very professional. This could not be further from the truth as you will see when we meet the owner and quickly show you what sort of equipment is available to use. The studio is incredible, full of lights and equipment to make your photoshoot more easy and pleasant. The model will then pose for a portrait session and I will show everyone a few different lighting set ups. This will demonstrate how the positioning of the light, model and the power settings can dramatically change the outcome of the photo.
  • Everyone will be given an information sheet with links for helpful websites and a brief overview of what was discussed.
  • Then as a little bonus you can email me in your favourite photo from your day in the class. I will then edit it professionally for you and email you it back for you to obtain a print or use it in your portfolio as you wish.

The price for the Beginner Fashion and Portrait Class comes in at £250 with a 10% deposit required to book your place. There is a 48 hour cancellation in place to cover the costs and help keep the class numbers full.

Please contact me here for any booking enquiries or questions. I can’t wait to get to work with you all!

I wanted to add a few FAQs after getting lots of phone calls asking similar questions on these classes.

  • What size are the classes?
  • The classes will be made up of 15 people there to learn, myself and the model.


  • I have a compact/bridge camera, is this suitable for the class?
  • Yes, however,  due to the limitations of these smaller cameras. Parts of the 4 hour course will not be as beneficial to you as those with an D/SLR. Particularly, the studio in the last hour although you will still be able to take photos, you will be very limited in terms of lighting styles.


  • I have a son/daughter/etc who is under 16. Is the course suitable for them?
  • Yes! The course is completely child friendly with no nudity. However, if they are under 16 they are required to bring along a signed permission form from a parent or guardian. These forms can be obtained off me, just drop me a little email.


  • I work during the week/at weekends. When will these classes take place?
  • The classes will start at the end of September and run for at least 6 months, initially. There will be both weekend and weekday classes, with some classes in the evening to allow for every work schedule. Booking a place/date/time is required in advance so I should be able to accommodate for anyone’s availability.


  • Hi, I have booked the course with you and just wondered when they begin?
  • I am currently just waiting for the Groupon deal to finish so that I can confirm numbers and arrange the necessary amount of classes. I will circulate and advertise the dates in around 5 more days as the deal is live for another 4 days. You can then get in touch with your choice and the voucher code and book in.


Also, if you wonder what you are getting yourself in for with these classes I have just heard back from my behind the scenes videographer! While this video shows a full photoshoot and NOT one of these classes. It gives a quick show into what goes on between me and a model on a photoshoot. The video features the stunning, UK burlesque performer and pin-up queen! Vendetta Vain!

Behind the Scenes with Vendetta Vain!

Thursday, September 8th, 2011 at 11:53 PM : This image is copyrighted and unauthorized use is prohibited, no permission to manipulate this image will be given. If you wish to use the image commercially or in publishing, please contact David Kane.

6 Responses to “Beginner Fashion and Portraiture Class”

  1. Jacqui Park says:

    Hi I have got a Canon bridge camera with an external flash. I am not too sure on changing appatures etc would this camera be ok to use for this course?

  2. David says:

    Hi Jacqui,

    Those camera’s are fine! The first hour of the day focuses on the camera settings and how to use them. The second half then allows you to practice this on a model both outdoors and in a studio.

  3. Greg says:

    I have my groupon voucher. Please advise when i can book a day. Regards.

  4. Louise Lilly says:

    hello David

    Myself and a friend have a Groupon voucher each and would like to book out photography course – what is available on Saturdays please ?

    Many thanks

    Louise Lilly
    07595 611615

  5. David says:

    Hiya Louise,

    Please email me your Groupon numbers and Security codes to confirm your places. I will be updating the classes tomorrow (6th) when I get in from work with all the remaining dates for you to look through.



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