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Emzamara is Bizarre

Bizarre Magazine has always been one of my favourite alternative ‘Lads Mags’ publications. Along with Front Magazine, it always has the hottest, geekiest girls around. Featuring top models such as Miss Mosh, Ulorin Vex, Vivi Sterling, Alex Sim-Wise, Skin, Vikki Blows and Kat Von D as cover girls. All I might add on my wish-list to shoot, including Ulorin again!

One of Bizarre Magazine’s features is that it runs a community for alternative models called Ultra Vixens. Giving them profiles to advertise themselves and affiliate with the magazine. They also use members photos as content and run competitions in the community for new Cover Girls. The last winner of this competition was actually a Glasgow girl! Well, she used to be as I believe she has moved back to the US now (booo). The super sexy Skin!

Now the running for a new cover girl is on and when I got this months Bizarre Magazine I was very pleasantly surprised!

Not only one model I know from Glasgow but two!! Miel and Emzamara. I have shot with Miel a few times before and actually had her help out with make up a few times also. It is great to see her featured in a quarter page spread.

Emzamara or Emily as we know her better on my website is a bit more special to me (sorry Miel!). I found Emily one day when I was at work and approached her to model for me. She then found a love for it and has been modelling more and more since. Not only that but she has been extremely popular too! I feel so proud to have been the one who noticed her and picked her out. Not that it was hard with her stunning curly red hair, cheeky little smile or her perfect body. She was featured, with one of my photographs of her being used, in the ‘favourite entries of the month’ section along with five others who received praise from Bizarre model Nina Kate.

I would LOVE to see Emily go on and win this competition, getting her own Bizarre cover shoot and model agency deal. She could do so well in the future and whatever happens, I am sure she will! Check out our previous shoot here.

This caps off an impressive run for Glasgow models in popular glamour magazines of late. With girls such as Nicole and Julie featuring in Front Magazine and Vivi Sterling getting on the cover of Bizarre Magazine with Fae a few months ago.

Hopefully the run will continue… Maybe… You will be one of those girls? Maybe… Another of my photos will be used? MAYBE… It will be a photo I take of you being used? What do you think… Answers on an email to me telling me you want to shoot!!!

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