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Skye Adventure 2011

My Friends and I set off on a little photography adventure to Skye, a location we have been trying to go to for years. We finally planned it and managed to get a beautiful day in amongst a torrent of rain, snow and bad weather. It was incredibly lucky! We set off at 5am in order to get a nice sunrise over a loch and then drove through Glencoe and took the scenic route towards Skye. We love reflections and were stunned to see how flat the water was all the way up. We must have stopped around 10 times to get photos of opportunity before finally reaching Skye.

After such a long drive with so many stops it was approaching sunset time. We drove around the island of Skye to try and find a good spot for a sunset. We drove up to a point on the hills overlooking the sea and sat and watched as the sun sunk down. I was in bed for 8pm I was so shattered and we headed back the next day. More trips to Skye are planned for the future as we saw so little of it this time round.

Skye Trip – 2011 © David Kane

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