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Pearly Lee Studio

Pearly Lee Studio

I worked with Pearly Lee at the end of 2009 and immediately fell in love, she was flawless. She eats, sleeps and breathes pin up so when she got in touch in 2010 I was eager to see what she had in mind. She explained to me that she wanted to pay homage to one of her heroes, Gil Elvgren. A pin up artist who created tonnes of recognizable pin up works of art. Being a fan myself I was more than happy to help. She brought along a massive big sombrero too, I was happy enough with that until Maracas appeared as well. She does know how to make me smile. trying to cover herself up with the blanket provided much comedy as did all innuendos of how she was holding the Maracas… Just the way a pin up shoot should be!

She then broke out a whip and some vintage lingerie and we tried a few darker, sexier images. Even the studio owner comments on Pearly every time she comes in for a shoot, something he doesn’t do to any other models I shoot with. She really is special and to top it all off, her tattoo work is fantastic.

Model: Pearly Lee – MUA and Hair: Pearly Lee’s friend – 2010 © David Kane

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