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Brand Beauty Studio 2010

Brand Beauty Studio 2010

Good friend and make up artist Elle McMillan got together with me to work on a beauty project where the make up would be based on brands colourways. Interesting… My one condition? There had to be an Irn Bru model. In total we shot 5 models who were Pepsi, Irn Bru, Cherryade, Cadburys and Galaxy. The models were Anastasia Amor, Emily, Ronit and Alexandra. I had only previously worked with Emily so I was excited to meet the new faces. Anastasia was a quiet but lovely alternative type with a fantastic sleeve tattoo. I would love to have her in front of my camera again one day. Ronit was a new comer, this was her first shoot and she was so good she came back for another look! With her pink hair I was immediately happy and she was so natural at pulling expressions, she was so easy to shoot. Lastly, was Alexandra, oh my! Legs that go all the way up and big swooshy hair to die for. I WILL be shooting with her again in 2011 if I get my way, oooft!

Models: Ronit (Main Image) and pink hair, Emily on the blue backdrop, Anastasia Amor with the blue eyes and Alexandra natural looking on the grey backdrop – MUA, Hair and Styling: Elle McMillan – 2010 © David Kane

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