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Eyelashe Beauty Studio 2010

Eyelashe Beauty Studio 2010

Make up artist Sarah Michael’s got in touch with me about creating a few looks for her portfolio. She wanted to do a pair of natural portraits with big, massive eyelashes. I love natural portraits and I love big eyelashes so I was more than pleased. She asked me to find 2 short haired models and it took me all of 2 seconds to think of them. Victoria and Gemma-Elise. Having worked with both before and knowing how photogenic and amazing their skin was, they were the perfect choices. However, drama struck when Victoria had been burnt to a crisp in the sun! I was sent to fetch some cooling gel, not an easy operation, and with some creative posing and photoshop healing managed to hide any sign of it. Gemma-Elise is the blonde model and Victoria is the brunette, shot up in the derelict studio.

Models: Gemma-Elise Gerber and Victoria – MUA and Hair: Sarah Michaels – 2010 © David Kane

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