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Rekkah 2010

Rekkah 2010

I ran a series of casual glamour shoots at the end of 2010. Fully inspired by the ultra cool and trendy Front Magazine. I love their modern style of shooting and lighting so I wanted to try and re-create that feel. I put the feelers out hoping to get 1 or 2 girls interested and I got LOADS! Some of them I was actually quite shocked by too.

I shot Rekkah way back when I began photography as part of a group shoot. She was only 16 at the time, painfully shy but still ultra cute. We then attended the same college and bumped into each other randomly here and there until one night out in 2010 I literally bumped into her at a club, all grown up and not shy at all! We began talking about shoots and how she didn’t model much and I explained I was going to do this little series. She was very keen to get involved so I gladly took her up on the offer and we arranged a little shoot. Starting out in the derelict studio we shot some nice portraits as her friend Becca snapped behind the scenes shots on my Fisheye 2, before heading back to the flat. I expected more of the shyness as we began shooting but no, Rekkah was a total professional. A very sexy one at that, ooft!

Model and MUA: Rekkah – 2010 © David Kane

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