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Vendetta Vain 2010

Vendetta Vain 2010

Where do I start with this lady? What a team we make, I love her. From her incredible, friendly personality to her crazy, wonderful ideas and dirty sense of humour to her over the top expressions and drop dead gorgeous figure. In 2010 we worked on various projects together including the bum cleavage dress, the little sparkly hat, trashy, colourful lolly pop sucking pin up and to top it off she even got in on my little Front Magazine inspired casual glamour series.

On every shoot she manages to pull off a completely different look and I was quite surprised she got in on the glamour shoots. It’s not often you see a burlesque performer doing a little glamour! I can safely say that Vendetta has the most AMAZING body I have ever seen, it is flawless.

Vendetta is actually going to be my first victim of 2011 as well and we will be working together all year so expect a new Vendetta post up pretty soon! Until then… Enjoy.

Model and MUA: Vendetta Vain РHat provided by Janine Basil Р2010 © David Kane

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