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Dee Dee Rouge 2010

Dee Dee Rouge 2010

I ran a series of casual glamour shoots at the end of 2010. Fully inspired by the ultra cool and trendy Front Magazine. I love their modern style of shooting and lighting so I wanted to try and re-create that feel. I put the feelers out hoping to get 1 or 2 girls interested and I got LOADS! Some of them I was actually quite shocked by too.

Dee Dee Rouge was one of the girls that got in touch. I had seen her images around Deviant Art and when we agreed on a date I got very excited! As we chatted about her unhealthy obsession with Batman I realized she was just as sweet and cute as she looks. We giggled for pretty much the whole day and boy does she have a cheeky little giggle! I also adored her stripey socks, amazing tattoo work and how can you miss those boobs! Oooft!

Model and MUA: Dee Dee Rouge Р2010 © David Kane

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