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Nusi Derelict 2010

Nusi Derelict 2010

Nusi and I have shot once before on a college project of mine and we had a great laugh as well as producing some great shots. She needed some fast beach fashion images and I posted up about doing a beach shoot so we got together. Laughing all the way to the beach we quickly realised that the beach we went to was both rubbish, rainy and completely freezing! I was freezing with 3 layers on never mind Nusi who was in a bikini. It was worth it though to laugh at her changing under a big jacket as pensioner dog walker walked by in disgust haha.

We quickly gave up at the beach and retreated to the derelict. Luckily she had brought along a gorgeous red dress and we messed about on the stairways and doorways with it. I adore the wonderful glow thats coming off Nusi’s skin in these images.

Model and MUA: Nusi Р2010 © David Kane

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  1. Julian Young says:

    Love that beach shot! Gorgeous. The stairwell picture is excellent as well! Nice to see some new posts up :)

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