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Debay Studio 2010

Debay Studio 2010

Debay is super, super hot! I have seen her about Glasgow for years (first noticed when she had candy floss pink hair, ooft!) and she is friends with a lot of my friends. I always sent her random emails asking her to shoot and always getting a polite reply saying no. That didn’t stop me and in 2010 I got a yes! What changed her mind? well she is now a performer at Club Noir doing burlesque routines. As I love burlesque too this was perfect. I was totally nervous about the whole thing, it was like meeting and taking photos of a hero. Luckily, she was as nice as I wanted her to be and Cassie got to work with her make up.

We tried a few looks, mostly pinup but I also made sure to show off her incredible ink as she is covered in tattoos. I also made sure to steal a wee sneaky shot of her incredible smile. At the end of the shoot I embarrassingly HAD to ask her for a little fisheye shot of us together *swoons* I love Debay and only hope my website is full of her images in 2011.

Model: Debay – MUA and Hair: Cassie Todd – 2010 © David Kane

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  1. Julian Young says:

    Very hot, incredible tattoos! Love the blue, pink, blonde contrast!

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