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Nicola’s Got Talent

I have never been one for watching much television, who has time for television?! So I have never actually watched Britain or America’s Next Top Model. I was obviously aware of it and probably should have been interested as it does relate to the industry.

Then my interest was sparked by a friend who mentioned a familiar face was taking part this year on the British show, Britain’s Next Top Model, Nicola Wright aka Annette X. Sadly, by the time I found out she was in the show she had already left but I had a little look through the photoshoots and video and was very impressed by how far she has come since meeting her. Here are a couple of shots of Nicola from the show, which obviously are copyrighted to the photographer and show, not myself…

Fashion Nicola Wright Britains Next Top Model Studio

Portrait Beauty Glamour Nicola Wright Britains Next Top Model Studio Mess











I first saw Nicola on Deviant Art, modeling for someone I watched. As soon as I saw those photos I knew I would do anything to have her in front of my camera. As luck would have it I travelled to London shortly after that, got in touch and convinced her to come through and shoot for the day. I was greeted by an incredibly shy and humble girl but was blown away by her beauty and grace. There was something very… Old fashioned about her, she had presence, despite being quiet. The shoot flew by and I was and still am blown away by the photos.

Fashion Annette X Bad Kitty Corsets 2 Beauty Studio LingeriePortrait Beauty Annette X 4 Abstract StudioFashion Annette X 1 Studio Androgynous







She told me that she signed with an agency the next day… That was March 2009, look at her now. Congratulations Nicola I hope to see much more of you in the future, you deserve all the success you get.

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  1. Julian Young says:

    Awesome photos D! Loving the half portrait! Also liking what looks lik…. chocolate sauce? :D

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