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Kirsty Derelict 2010

Kirsty Derelict 2010

I was a fan of Kirsty’s work for a while, following her on various sites and when I saw her posting looking for help on a project I got in touch right away. I was pleased to hear she was also a fan of my work and we agreed a date quickly. After shooting images for her project we done a few art nudes around my derelict. She was so filthy by the end of it, literally head to toe in motor oil, grease and dust, I think her fianc√© made her sit in the boot on the way home instead of the dog haha

Model + MUA: Kirsty Р2010 © David Kane

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 at 8:23 PM : This image is copyrighted and unauthorized use is prohibited, no permission to manipulate this image will be given. If you wish to use the image commercially or in publishing, please contact David Kane.

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