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Ghost Cartel Promo 2009

Ghost Cartel Promo 2009

Grant and Cammy… Formerly of Archangels Revenge, asked me to come help get some promo shots for the new band, Ghost Cartel. ‘I know a cool derelict, mental hospital, its easy to get to’ Grant says… BOLLOCKS! Haha! It was the hardest location to get to ever! My ankles still hurt from jumping that wall… Also the creepiest location **Shudders** Then we had to run through a garden to get out, wonderful.

We got some shots of the guys jumping about mental, I do like jumpy photos. Then they all decided to squash themselves into this little mini-room haha. We then all went to the Botanic Gardens but it was a waste of time, except the part where I slid down the muddy hill on my bum and then ended up in KFC having a good laugh at the days events.

Band: Ghost Cartel – 2009 © David Kane

Music Promo Ghost Cartel 1 Derelict Jump Alternative Rock Tattoo

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