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Iveta Studio 2009

Iveta Studio 2009

I have seen Iveta online a lot and classed her as WAY ‘out of my league’ so imagine my surprise when she jumped in as one of my models and back-up model both cancelled! I was secretly over the moon for her to be coming along instead! Iveta was actually amazing. There is one or two models I have worked with who’s attitude, presence and personality totally blew me away and Iveta is without a doubt one of these rare few. We had SO much fun together and the girl is actually flawless! See for yourself…

I distinctly remember a part of the shoot which I shall never forget. I got all excited about the shot and started blabbering on at full pace. She looked at me, listening and let me finish before saying ‘David, I don’t know what you just said but… Keep talking’ and smiled. Aw, I still giggle about that :)

Model + MUA: Iveta Niklova – 2009 © David Kane

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